Subject: Euphrates Marshes Drained
Date: Feb 24 12:02:30 1994
From: Anthony L. Lang - tony at ZOO.TORONTO.EDU

I saw a PBS program two nights ago about Saddam's rule in Iraq and they
showed sattelite photos of his activity in the marshes in southern Iraq.
His government has diverted the water to get at the marsh arabs and as a
result the marshes have become virtually dry. Apart from the human
misery, imagine the impact on species of birds that breed and stage there.
The Persian Gulf is a major staging area for coromorants and shorebirds
and there are a few endemic species of birds. However, I can't remember
if any of the endemics are marsh dwellers. First the oil well fires, now
this. Saddam should be tried for crimes against the environment as well
as against humanity.

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