Subject: nature in the northwest
Date: Feb 27 12:16:33 1994
From: Dan Victor - dvictor at

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From: Dan Victor <dvictor at>
Subject: nature in the northwest
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From: twilliam at sol.UVic.CA (Trevor Williams)
[1] Looking for Bird and other animal recordings!
Organization: University of Victoria, Victoria B.C. CANADA
Date: Mon Feb 21 14:06:04 PST 1994

Hello! My name is Tom Williams. I am currently working on a CD-ROM title
to do with nature in the northwest. A friend is a photographer and artist
and he is getting all the photos, video and animations. However, neither
of us are equipped or know how and where to find recordings of birds and
other creatures living in the Northwest (B.C. to Oregon.) We are looking
for recordings with preferably little or no ambiant noise. Although it
would certainly be nice if it was already in computer format, DAT or any
other source is OK.

Please contact me directly!

Warm Regards,
Tom Williams,
CEO, Desert Island Software
Internet: twilliam at
Tel: 604.592.4669