Subject: Re: nature in the northwest
Date: Feb 28 12:58:05 1994
From: Trevor Williams - twilliam at

I am a Birder yes. I am 15 years-old and am CEO of my own
company, Desert Island Software. Our first title is Naturewalk -
Northwest, which is, as it sounds, an electronic virtual Naturewalk. The
program is described as edutainment and has been designed as the first of
hopefully a long series, if the first proves to be sucessful. It is
aimed at young people like myself and not only covers information about
over 400 species that live in the Northwest of birds, mammals, insects,
plants etc., but also discusses Environmental Issues and their effects,
and what young people can do to help and many other issues pertaining to
Ecology, Habitats, descriptions of places to visit in the Northwest, if
wanting to go on a real walk etc. The content is presented in a sort of
game. The user controls a character at the bottom of the screen by a
series of keyboard commands and mouse movements. By simply moving the
mouse (which on the screen represents binoculars) over a certain
creature, the user gets information. Also, the user has to control the
character at the bottom of the screen, making sure that he/she does not
step in a wasp nest, trip, get bitten by a mosquito etc. And one more
detail. There are also electronic labs that allow the user to disect an
owl-pellet and re-construct the bones from the disected pellet to see
what an owl eats and others!

Although, we are still looking for funding, for the project, we have and
will be applying for many various patents and copyrights pertaining to
the "look-and-feel" of the product etc.

Warm Regards,

Tom Williams
Desert Island Software
Internet: twilliam at
Applelink: Technoweenie
Tel: 604.592.4669