Subject: Re: Slaty-backed Gulls
Date: Feb 28 13:15 Fr 1994
From: Dan Victor - dvictor at

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Subject: Re: Slaty-backed Gulls
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Date: 28 Feb 94 13:15
From:Skip_Russell at

These number sound remarkably similar to the numbers we had in Portland
(Sauvie Island) last winter. There were at least 4 and probably as many
as 6 adult Slaty-backed Gulls; a couple of possible subabult Slaty-backeds
including a first year bird and a third or possibly fourth winter bird;
between 12 and 20 Glaucous Gulls (mainly of the Barrovianus race); and a
like number of Western Gulls. Also Vegae race Herring Gulls, an Iceland
Gull or two (adult Kumlein's), and even a possible first year Lesser
Black-backed Gull. (Most or all of the above birds were well
photographed, incidently.) This whole amazing collection seemed to be
staging during the month between Feb 12 and mid March, as all were present
among the hoards of Glaucous-winged Gulls during that time. This year,
the unusual gulls are back to background (i.e. near zero) numbers. A
fistfull of Glaucous Gulls have been seen, but nothing like what we had a
year ago.


Skip_Russell at
Aloha, Oregon