Subject: Re: Swallow nests
Date: Feb 28 17:52:34 1994
From: David Heyrovsky - HEYROVSK at CSPUNI12.bitnet

If I got the original message properly, the reason people are annoyed by
(swallow's) nests is that unfortunately not everybody appreciates the intricate
white designs observable under many-a-nest.

The solution I have was already touched in one of the Birdchat responses.
(We have similar problems in our country.)

It is not necessary to force the birds to nest elsewhere - it is enough to
fix a small platform in a reasonable distance under the nest. All you have
to do then is to scrape off the growing stalagmite from time to time.
(Now it occurs to me the stuff could be a good fertilizer?)

This solution was also promoted by the Czech Society for Ornithology as a part
of the "Bird of the Year 1992" campaign - Barn Swallow was The Bird.

David Heyrovsky
heyrovsk at
heyrovsk at cspuni12.bitnet
Praha, Czech Republic