Subject: Re: Help with Fall hit list
Date: Nov 2 14:40:46 1994
From: "WILLISON, MICHAEL W R" - willmi at

In response to the note from Mary Ellen Ahearn, I might suggest a
location for the Saw-whet owls. I have lived in Auburn for many years.
Although I have not specifically looked for Saw-whets in this location
for at least 2 winters, it has been profitable in the past. The Green
River Valley Road just east of Auburn off of highway 18 is excellent owl
area. Three, four and five years ago I have seen and heard Saw-whets on
at least 5 occasions on this road. Great-horned, Western Screech, and
Barn can also be found along here. During the day watch for Ruffed
Grouse. The spot that we found the Saw-whets was approximatly 5 miles
west of Flaming Geyser State Park, although there is a lot of suitable
habitat in the area. Good luck.

Michael Willison email: willmi at
Walla Walla College
College Place, Wa