Subject: Re: Shorebird ID forward from birdCHAT
Date: Nov 4 09:42:54 1994
From: Daan Sandee - sandee at Think.COM

|> From: dpaulson at (Dennis Paulson)
|> Subject: Re: Shorebird ID forward from birdCHAT
|> Although not having any further information (where was it seen and when?)

New Mexico. Recently (like, last week). This got lost in the forwarding.

|> The description of this bird sounds more like a peep (stint) than one of
|> the larger Calidris sandpipers. Unfortunately I'm not sure what "a bit
|> bigger than big peeps" means, either. Is Baird's a peep? Or is Western the
|> biggest peep? The bill sounds too long for a basic-plumaged Baird's. Other
|> than that, I don't have a guess. It certainly doesn't sound like a Dunlin
|> plumagewise. This is the sort of bird that probably must be photographed
|> for further deliberation.

If it was largish and the bill definitely curved, the only reasonable
alternative is Stilt Sandpiper. Same size, different shape. And juvs have
pale fringes on scapulars. Do juv Stilt Sandpp molt to basic before
migrating south ?

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