Subject: RE: hunters, birders, public lands
Date: Nov 4 12:42:23 1994
From: Steve Hallstrom - steveh at

A few minutes ago Tony Couch, Staff Assistant to the Commission on Fish and
Wildlife, returned my call. He was following up on my request to John McGlen,
Chair of the Commission, for support to lobby the King County Council to
include all Dept. of Fish and Wildlife "Priority Habiatat and Species" as
protected in the Rural and Resource designated lands of King County.

We birder "environmntalists" were able to get protection for the Endangered
and Threatened (actually required by Federal and State law) and the
"Candidate" species (under threat that they would become E & T and hence
under Federal and State control). But the Council at the urging of
developers and Resource land owners would not support the "monitor" game
and non-game priority species. Included in this list are Snow Goose,
Trumpeter Swan, Bandtailed Pigeon, Tundra Swan, Brandt, Harbor Seal,
Killer Whale, Martin, Black tailed Deer, Mountain Goat, Elk.

A call to the "hunters" seems to be generating much more response
for protection of habitat than an earlier call to "birders" to get
involved in riparian zone studies. Is it possible they understand
better the need for habitat?

Steve Hallstrom