Subject: RE: hunters, birders, public lands
Date: Nov 4 14:58:38 1994
From: Museum Informatics Project - mip-arch at


Hunters can hunt rats and mice, skunks and racoons, opossums, and even
not uncommon deer, in my (no --their) city backyard, even as I watch
those robins, Calif tohees, house finches, Stellar and scrub jays, and
other fine city birds from out my window.

But, if the hunter wants to go out in the woods to hunt, then I want to
go there too, to look at birds, flowers, insects, large mammals, the sky,
the horizon, smell the smells, hear the sounds, etc.

There _is_ a qualitative and quantitative difference between my city park
and the wilderness. Hunters "need" wilderness no more than I.