Subject: Squirrels
Date: Nov 7 12:28:52 1994
From: Charles E. Vaughan - cev at

> Another question for backyard bird feeder people: other than the various
> 'shields' one can get to hang above a feeder, what method(s) have you
> found to discourage squirrels from eating all the bird seed?

The exact approach depends on how your feeders are mounted. Mine are on 4x4
posts in the ground and I have a home made system that is 100% successful in
detering Eastern Grey and Douglas Squirrels for 3 years. The Flying
Squirrels still get on the feeder, but who wouldn't want Flying Squirrels?

I bolt wooden frames with hardware cloth to the support post (crawl space
vent screen frames from the hardware store). I then fashion a skirt around
the frames out of 10" wide aluminum flashing. The aluminum is a little
eye-catching, but you can paint it to blend into the background. I will be
happy to supply details to anyone interested off list.

Charles Vaughan
cev at
Woodinville, WA