Date: Nov 8 09:37:06 1994
From: Karen Juenemann - juenemak at

This morning when filling my feeders I found two dead pine siskins
in the tray portion of my tube feeder. The tray had been washed on
Sunday and put back in the basket that hangs under the feeder. The
feeder has hulled sunflower chips in it. I have had a flock of
about 60-70 siskins for about a month now both on the feeders (I
have four) and on the ground under the feeders. I had just cleaned
the feeder tray on Sunday and try to clean all the feeders pretty


Have there been any other reports of dead birds around feeders this

All the apartment complex's cats hang around these feeders -- this
one is up pretty high -- but could a cat jumping up there scare the
birds to death?

Any recommendations, advice, ideas? I'd appreciate it.


Karen Juenemann
ZymoGenetics (SMTPGATE-ZGI)
442-6810 or 776-5521