Subject: Zoo Raptor Center
Date: Nov 11 11:40:59 1994
From: Steve Hallstrom - steveh at

The Seattle City Council is considering cutting funding for the Raptor Center
at the Woodland Park Zoo. The Board of Seattle Audubon Society adopted a
resolution requesting fundig be restored for this excellent facility. It
and Ernie Rose were very instrumental in the Perrigrine Falcon project in
Seattle which had wide publicity and educational function. We do not want
to see this excellent resource eliminated. It should be enhanced.

Please write or call the Seattle City Council and request them to keep the
Raptor Center.

My 1993/94 phone directory lists the phone numbers:

Receptionist 684-8888
George Benson 684 -8801
Martha Choe - 8802
Cheryl Chow - 8804
Susan Donaldson - 8806
Sherry Harris - 8800
Jane Noland - 8803
Margaret Pagler - 8807
Jim Street - 8808
Tom weeks - 8805

THe decision will be made in the next week. Please call or write in support
of the Raptor Center at the Zoo immediately.

Steve Hallstrom
President, SAS