Subject: gull ID
Date: Nov 11 14:49:01 1994
From: Dennis Paulson - dpaulson at

In response to Michael Brown's request for gull info:

I would expect the 3 species you named to be on lakes in the interior of
Pierce County, also Bonaparte's, Mew, Thayer's and Glaucous-winged.
Glaucous-winged Gulls, although of marine origin, commonly move inland to
lakes not too far from the coast, including, I suppose, in small numbers to
Puyallup. Adults with gray wingtips are surely Glaucous-winged. Thayer's
adults look superficially most like Herring, but have the wingtips black
above and gray below, the eye varies from yellow to brown, and the bill is
smaller than that of a Herring.

I'm impressed by a Red-tailed Hawk that caught a gull. Any idea what kind
of gull? Was the hawk an adult (red tail) or immature?

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