Subject: Re: signatures
Date: Nov 15 09:01:15 1994
From: Michael Smith - whimbrel at

On Mon, 14 Nov 1994, Dennis Paulson wrote:

> Any of you out there who use Eudora, a Macintosh e-mail program, can easily
> make your own signature. Under the Special menu, select the item called
> Signature, then just type it in exactly as you want it. Perhaps there are
> other mail programs that also do this. One of these days UW will get with
> it....

They have been with it for a long time! Any file in your
Homer/Carson/Hardy/etc. home directory called .signature will be appended
to your mail. You can use Pico to easily create this, and save it with
the name '.signature' make sure the period is before the file name.

(just like below!)
Mike Smith
Univ. of Washington, Seattle
whimbrel at