Subject: Re: addresses in headers
Date: Nov 17 20:09:12 1994
From: Daan Sandee - sandee at Think.COM

|> From tweeters at Thu Nov 17 18:36:43 1994
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|> Received: from by Cmns.Think.COM.Think.COM (4.1/Ultrix2.4-C)
|> id AA26613; Thu, 17 Nov 94 18:36:30 EST
|> Received: from localhost by
|> Date: Thu, 17 Nov 94 15:32:32 -0800
|> Errors-To: steveh at
|> Reply-To: tweeters at
|> Originator: tweeters at
|> Sender: tweeters at
|> Precedence: bulk
|> From: JOANMS at
|> To: Multiple recipients of list <tweeters at>
|> Subject: Re: addresses in headers
|> X-Listprocessor-Version: 6.0b -- ListProcessor by Anastasios Kotsikonas
|> X-To: tweeters at
|> Doesn't typing R for "Reply" work for everybody?
|> -joanms at u

R replies to whatever is in "reply-To" in the header, which appears
normally to be "tweeters", unless the original sender explicitly
included a specific "Reply-To" line. See headers above in your message.

Teresa wished to supply her own Email address in order to encourage
replies to her by private Email. This mail address is only visible
to those fortunate enough not to have the headers stripped by some
stupid software.

(This message sent by typing R and thus going to tweeters).


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