Subject: Barred Owl Voice ID??
Date: Nov 21 08:32:28 1994
From: "Michelsen, Teresa" - TEMI461 at

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A large owl landed in a very tall Douglas Fir near my house Friday night
after dark. Could not see it since it was dark and so high up (not for lack
of trying). It made a lot of very strange noises, which I have attempted to
describe below:

First, it had a high pitched cry or screetch. Sounded a like a human child.
First there were three screetches, then two, then one. Then, it started
hooting and making funny noises, it sounded like a monkey hooting (believe
it or not). Then it finally settled down to something that sounded more
like an owl, which went like this: ho who who-who-who who ho. The
first and last notes were lower, rising in pitch in the middle. The voice
was very loud and resonant, and sounded very human. I went back in and
listened to my Audubon vidotapes, and the voice sounded most like a barred
owl in quality. Also could have been a great horned owl, but it just didn't
sound right. I don't have the tapes of birdsong. There are barred owls in
St. Edwards Park, only a few blocks from my house.

Can anyone comment on this?? I have never heard anything like it and don't
know anything about owl noises. Incidentally, someone was looking for
barred owls, St. Edwards Park might be a good place. They nested there this

Teresa Michelsen
temi461 at
Inglewood, King County, WA