Subject: Seattle Audubon bird hotline for 11-19-94 by E. Hunn
Date: Nov 21 09:34:32 1994
From: Eugene Hunn - hunn at

Hello birders, this is the Bird Brain, voice of Seattle
Audubon's Bird Sightings Hotline for SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19,
1994, at 9 AM.

To skip the details and just leave a message punch 5 and
wait for the tone.

For sick or injured birds call the Wild Bird Clinic at 941-
2174 [or PAWS at 743-3845 or 743-1884].

The adult male BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER remained a
regular visitor at Marilyn & Bill Hatheway's Mercer Is.
feeder through Nov. 18. Call ahead at 232-6199 to arrange a
visit as long as it lingers. This is the 3rd Washington
state record.

A YELLOW-BILLED LOON was reported at Ilwaco near the mouth
of the Columbia River Nov. 13. It was seen off the boat
landing at Ft. Canby. A CLARK'S GREBE was identified with
WESTERNS nearby.

A BLUE JAY has been a regular visitor to a Kitsap Peninsula
feeder for several weeks. Call the Cobbs at 876-6523 to
arrange a visit.

A pair of PEREGRINES delighted observers as they took turns
pursuing a SANDERLING off Alki beach Nov. 16. Two SURFBIRDS
had returned to the rocky beach south of Alki Pt. Nov. 17.

A SNOW BUNTING reappeared at Magnuson Park Nov. 12-17. It
was thought by some to be a different bird than the one
there 10 days before. Look for it near the old ammo shed or
on NOAA property near the wind chimes. Also at Magnuson
Park Nov. 17 was a PALM WARBLER, flushed by a NORTHERN
SHRIKE. It flew from near the NOAA entrance gate to the sw
so could be there anywhere in the scot's broom & brambles.

Also noted at Magnuson Park Nov. 17 was a SHORT-EARED OWL,
perhaps the same one that has been reported sporadically at
the Montlake Fill on the UW campus over the last several
weeks, most recently Nov. 5. Also at the Montlake Fill of
and a N. SHRIKE plus lots of waterfowl. A GREEN HERON was
still present there Nov. 13.

At least one WHITE-THROATED SPARROW may still be found at
the Kent Ponds. An immature SWAN thought to have been a
TRUMPETER was there Nov. 13. This fits the report of a
flock of TRUMPETER SWANS that touched down at dusk on Cedar
Falls Reservoir in the Seattle watershed Nov. 12.

Two immature FRANKLIN'S GULLS, several EARED GREBES, and an
OLDSQUAW were at the Everett STP through Nov. 1. Penn Cove
on Whidbey Is. Oct. 30 had 140 BARROW'S GOLDENEYES and 430

Pt. No Point on the north tip of the Kitsap Peninsula
produced a PALM WARBLER and a LAPLAND LONGSPUR Nov. 12 and a

Ocean Shores has been productive. On Nov. 10 two PALM
WARBLERS were seen at the base of the Damon Pt. peninsula in
scot's broom thickets near the public restrooms and another
was at the Ocean Shores STP Nov. 13; also Nov. 10 &
11produced a SHORT-EARED OWL and 3 SNOW BUNTINGS near the
jetty; the jetty itself had 3 ROCK SANDPIPERS, 15 SURFBIRDS,
the Cabana Pool and three PEREGRINES and a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK
were hunting over the Game Range. Two MARBLED GODWITS were
at Bowerman Basin Nov. 11.

Seven GREAT EGRETS were seen near Vancouver Lake at
Vancouver, WA and ten were tallied at the south unit of
Ridgefield NWR near Woodland Nov. 5.

A PINE GROSBEAK was near Phil Mattock's house in Ellensburg
at 4th and Maple Nov. 2. Twenty BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were seen
along Reecer Canyon Rd. nw of Ellensburg Nov. 5 and four
TRUMPETER SWANS were nearby in a field that same day. An
owl roost at Kahlotus Lake held six LONG-EARED, six BARN,
and two SHORT-EARED OWLS Nov. 2.

The Raptor Rehabilitation Center at the Zoo is threatened
with closure. For more information call Julie Crick at 364-
6584 or 298-7215.

For SAS field trips, or for information on conservation and
education issues please call the office at 523-4483 during
office hours, 10-4 Monday through Friday and 10-2 Saturday.

That's all for now. If you have news to report, wait for
the tone, then give your name, phone number, and the
details. Thanks and good birding.