Subject: Surfbirds and winter finches
Date: Nov 23 14:37:09 1994
From: Russell Rogers - rrogers

>From Russell Rogers, Seattle WA, rrogers at

Today, 11/23, at 2:00 PM, at Alki Point, Seattle, I counted 50+ Surfbirds
and 2 Black Turnstones. This is the highest number of Surfbirds that I
have seen there since I have been looking. Anyone visiting there should
keep an eye out for Rock Sandpipers. They are a regular bird over on the
south end of Bainbridge Island, and to my knowledge there are no Rock
Sandpiper records for King County. One is bound to show up at Alki at
some point.

I have found that the best time to look for Rocky Shorebirds there is on
a falling tide, though I a have seen them at Low tide and on a rising
tide. I assume that at high tide they go and roost on Blakely Rock off
the east side of Bainbridge Island.

Also be on the look out for winter finches. On 11/13 I spoke with Terry
Wahl who told me that Rosy Finches had been seen on the Jetties at
Bellingham. Vic Nelson has reported Rosy Finch and Common Redpoll from

I hope everyone at least sees a Turkey this weekend,

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