Subject: Owls,Grays Harbor,etc.
Date: Nov 27 12:00:54 1994
From: Dean Schwickerath - dschwick at

Hi! Diane Schwickerath here. My husband Dean and I have been on tweeters for
only a couple of months and have enjoyed the interesting postings. This is
our fisrt attempt at sending one.

Teresa had a message awhile back about barred owls. Just wanted to let you
know that a well documented sighting took place south of Tumwater on Nov.3,
near Jack Davis' home. It perched in a tree for 45 minutes that morning,
allowing Jack to get some great photos. Also, on Thanksgiving evening, one
of our Grays Harbor Audubon members watched an owl for 2 hours hunting night
crawlers in his yard. By his description, we are making an undocumented ID
of a barred owl.

As chapter president of Grays Harbor Audubon Society, I have been getting
many inquiries about when the "Shorebird Celebration" for 1995 will be. The
USFWS has set the dates for organized activities for the last two weekends
in April. This will be an especially gratifying celebration because the
USFWS has just completed the sale from the Port of Grays Harbor of the
remainder of the property to complete the acqusition phase of the refuge.
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