Subject: Re: Mola
Date: Sep 4 16:53:17 1994
From: Russell Rogers - rrogers

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Subject: Re: Mola

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What is really neat is to see on of tose swimmin heads jump out of the
water. I had heard that they sometimes will do that, and on the pelagic
trip that I went out on out of Westport on Aug 20 I saw two of them do
just that. You also have to respect something that feeds mainly on jelly


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> From: Jamie Simmons at Corvallis, Oregon
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> Anyone going on or having been on a West coast pelagic trip
> might be interested in the following, even though it's not
> about birds:
> The 8/94 issue of _Natural History_ magazine has an article
> titled "Swimming Heads" about molas (a.k.a. ocean sunfish or
> mola mola) that is illustrated with several fascinating
> photos. During Greg Gillson's recent (8/27) pelagic trip out
> of Newport I observed 3 molas, each of which was only about
> 3 feet long. The article mentions young being about that
> size while adults can weigh as much as 5000 lbs.!
> I didn't see any life birds, but that was a great life fish!
> -Jamie