Subject: Jaeger vs. Peregrine
Date: Sep 7 11:58:44 1994
From: Russell Rogers - rrogers

Frome Russell Rogers, rrogers at

It is my exsperiance that Jaegers can fly circles around Peregrines.


On Wed, 7 Sep 1994, Thomas Love wrote:

> I had a great morning 3 Sep birding Ocean Shores - the morning after the
> front went through. Pt. Brown was esp. active, w. almost all expected
> species. Most interesting was a Parasitic J. chasing a Peregrine Falcon
> south over the mouth toward the Westport Jetty, w. the Peregrine fleeing
> w/o putting up a fight! Shorebirding was slow; at the game range were a
> dozen or so Amer. Golden Plovers, but not much else. Seems like some
> good birds moved in after midday!
> Tom Love
> tlove at