Subject: Errors in Audubon Handbook field guides
Date: Sep 7 15:56:58 1994
From: Alvaro Patricio Jaramillo - jaramill at

Hello Chatters and Tweeters ,

Over a month ago Jeff Price suggested that a list shoud be developed
indicating misidentified photos in Photo guides etc. Well I went through
the Eastern and Western volumes of the Audubon Handbook series and made up the
following list of potential errors. I would appreciate if other chatters
could confirm or correct any of my decisions, and find more if there are
any, to have a complete and verified list of errors in the guides.

Here we go:

Eastern Birds volume

1) Pg. 32- Immature Little Gull (#2) is actually a first winter Bonaparte's Gull.
2) Pg. 38- Immature Lesser Black-backed Gull (#3) is actually a first winter
Great Black-backed Gull.
3) Pg. 40- The immature Herring Gull is actually a California Gull, need
confirmation on this one as I am not all that sure.
4) Pg. 57- Leach's Storm Petrel (#3) is actually a Wilson's Storm Petrel.
5) Pg. 163- Lesser Yellowlegs (#1) is actually a Greater Yellowlegs.
6) Pg. 172- Semipalmated Plover (#1) is actually a female Wilson's Plover.
7) Pg. 179- Winter Sanderling (#2) is a Semipalmated Sandpiper
8) Pg. 187- Breeding adult Baird's Sandpiper (#2) is a White-rumped Sandpiper.
9) Pg. 190- Common Ground Doves are actually juvenile MOurning Doves.
10) Pg. 259- Parauque (#1) is a Common Nighthawk.
11) Pg. 259- Parauque (#2) is a Poorwill.
12) Pg. 284- Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (#2)- Dick Cannings confirmed that
YBFL typically nests on the ground, so what is this?

Western Birds volume

1) Introduction, birds in flight- The female Mallard is actually a female Pintail.
2) Pg. 23- Immature Mew Gull (#4) is really a first winter Ring-billed Gull.
3) Pg. 75- Winter Pacific Loon (#2) is actually a Red-throated Loon.

There it is. I would really appreciate some feedback so the list can be


Alvaro Jaramillo
jaramill at
Vancouver, B.C.