Subject: Re: brown crow
Date: Sep 19 17:47:37 1994
From: SCRAY at - SCRAY at


I'm no expert on this phenomenon, but I think most of these brown crows may be
first year birds that have suffered from malnutrition during feather
development. I've noticed this type of thing in the Seattle-Tacoma metro area
for several years mostly during middle to late summer. Maybe the parent crows
find adequate food supplies short during this time, and so their second (and
third?) broods are malnurished???

Scott Ray

On 19-Sep-94 Tom Cotner Wrote:

> I was at Golden Gardens Sunday and noticed a light brown crow. Its
>coloration varied from a light, almost creamy brown to medium brown but
>was completely lacking black feathers. The head and tail were a creamy tan
>with the medium brown feathers pretty much restricted to its back and front.
>The pattern of the medium brown feathers appeared to be regular so that,
>for instance, when viewed from the front, the bird appeared have
>suspenders with two darker vertical stripes against a tan background.
>Because of this ordered pattern, I am guessing that the variegation is due
> to a mutation rather than a disease or some other (toxin-induced?)
>acquired variation. Has anyone else seen this crow? Any other ideas
>about the basis for such variegation? When last seen it was hanging
>around the north parking lot at Golden Gardens.