Subject: Re: brown crow
Date: Sep 20 12:59:24 1994
From: Eugene Hunn - hunn at


Yes. That crow has been reported by several people independently and
photographed. It has been in the vicinity since at least last May; can't
recall the exact dates. Some think it is getting progressively paler as
time goes on.

Gene Hunn (hunn at

On Mon, 19 Sep 1994, Thomas Cotner wrote:

> Dear Tweeter Folk,
> I was at Golden Gardens Sunday and noticed a light brown crow. Its
> coloration varied from a light, almost creamy brown to medium brown but
> was completely lacking black feathers. The head and tail were a creamy tan
> with the medium brown feathers pretty much restricted to its back and front.
> The pattern of the medium brown feathers appeared to be regular so that,
> for instance, when viewed from the front, the bird appeared have
> suspenders with two darker vertical stripes against a tan background.
> Because of this ordered pattern, I am guessing that the variegation is due
> to a mutation rather than a disease or some other (toxin-induced?)
> acquired variation. Has anyone else seen this crow? Any other ideas
> about the basis for such variegation? When last seen it was hanging
> around the north parking lot at Golden Gardens.
> Tom Cotner
> tcotner at