Subject: Re: Bron Pelicans a rarity?
Date: Sep 20 13:08:17 1994
From: Eugene Hunn - hunn at


Since they cleaned up the DDT problem in southern California their
numbers have rebounded strongly to historic levels on Washington's outer
coast. However, they are rare north and/or east of Cape Flattery though
apparently not uncommon, even almost abundant (as on Willapa Bay & Grays
Harbor in late summer & fall), all along our outer coast. A few straggle
to interior salt waters, thus their rarity at Vancouver. There is one
King County record to my knowledge.

Gene Hunn (hunn at

On Tue, 20 Sep 1994, Charles E. Vaughan wrote:

> Vancouver RBA wrote:
> >RARE BIRD ALERT: A *BROWN PELICAN*, probably the same bird seen initially
> >on Tesday Sept 13, was again at Blackie Spit in Crescent Beach. The bird,
> >which is in juv. plumage, was roosting with gulls on pilings at the mouth
> >of Farm Slough, the large tidal lagoon between the Spit and the Burlington
> >There was no relocation of the BROWN PELICAN last seen Tuesday, Sept. 13 at
> >Blackie Spit.
> >A single COMMON NIGHTHAWK was over the 3600-bl of W 1st Ave in the
> >Kitsilano area on the W side of VCR.
> >TUE SEP 13
> >RARE BIRD ALERT A *BROWN PELICAN* was seen this afternoon at Crescent
> >Beach
> Can somebody explain this to me? Are Brown Pelicans just rare in this
> location or am I just lucky? On the outer WA coast I regularly see many
> Brown Pelicans, sometimes hundreds. This year I noticed that the numbers
> were reduced but I saw them at Third Beach. I this really a rare bird, or
> does it just not occur frequently in populated areas?
> Charles Vaughan
> Woodinville, WA