Subject: WOS meeting
Date: Sep 20 19:00:30 1994
From: Russell Rogers - rrogers

>From Russell Rogers, Seattle WA, rrogers at

The WOS meeting went pretty good I thought. Birding was at times, well,
down right slow. On the 17th we started off good with a adult Sabine's
Gull sitting on the beach at Leadbetter Point. It was, by the way right
near a dead Beaked Whale (!!!!), probably a Bairds. We walked up the
beach towards the point and got 4 Snowy Plovers along the way. This was a
state bird for me. On Sunday, the 18th biring seemed even slower,
although half of my group, including me, saw an adult RED-SHOULDERED
HAWK. It was over the air strip at Ilwaco, flying up river. That is about
all in the way of birds.

The new President for WOS is Michael Carmondy from Olympia. The new Vice
Pres is Steve Mlodinow from Everett. We have a new Tres. but I can't
recall who.