Subject: Professional Ornithology Societies (fwd)
Date: Sep 21 10:18:37 1994
From: Michael Smith - whimbrel at U.WASHINGTON.EDU

On Wed, 21 Sep 1994, Lynn Zeltmann wrote:
> How does one go about joining the Assoc. of Field Ornithologists? What does
> membership cost? Thanks.

How to join the societies:
Send all dues to this address (also state which society you're interested

Box 1897
Lawrence, KS 66044-8897

There are 4 to choose from:

American Ornithologists Union
publishes the 'Auk' quarterly
$35/year regular, $18/yr student (and many developing countries), $1050 life.

Cooper Ornithological Society
publishes the 'Condor' every 2 months
$30/yr regular, $15/yr student/emeritus, $35/yr family (whatever that means).

Wilson Ornithological Society
publishes the 'Wilson Bulletin'
(don't have the dues in front of me)

Association of Field Ornitholgists, Inc.
publishes the 'Journal of Field Ornithology' quarterly + resident bird
counts annually
$21/yr regular, $15/yr student, $650 life.

All student subscriptions should be accompanied by a signed statement
from your advisor indicating your name, advisor's name, and the academic
institution. Library subscriptions cost more. Also, membership in any
society gets you the 'Ornithological Newsletter' which has announcements,
requests for help, job listings, and other news from the societies.

Mike Smith
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
whimbrel at


Date: Thu, 22 Sep 1994 08:28:34 EDT
From: James Dean <MNHVZ065%SIVM.BITNET at>

To update Michael Smith's message regarding 4 North American ornithological
societies, The dues for the American Ornithologists' Union are as follows:
regular member $42.00
Student member $20.00
Life Membership $1260.00
Foreign memberships for designated countries $20.00
James Dean
Assistant to the Secretary
American Ornithologists' Union