Subject: Re: jay migration
Date: Sep 26 17:28:23 1994
From: Alvaro Patricio Jaramillo - jaramill at

Just to add to Dennis' comments on jay migration, I have been here in Vancouver
for just over a year now and noticed it both last fall and more so this
fall. The spring flight was not as noticeable, but it was there. Having come
from the east where Blue Jay migration often is more spectacular than the
Broad-winged Hawk movements, it wasn't difficult to see that what the Steller's
are doing is the same but on a smaller scale.
I have not been keeping notes on migrating jays, but I should in the future.
One thing to be looking for is what weather systems it is associated with,
I imagine that a cool NW wind following a cold front will create a peak flight.
In years like this one, when there have been few fronts going over, its harder
to see the patterns, but wind direction may be important in these cases.

Al Jaramillo
jaramill at
Vancouver, BC.