Subject: Material Retention in Harvest Units (fwd)
Date: Sep 27 07:52:02 1994
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Subject: Material Retention in Harvest Units

Hi Folks, I am beginning to prepare a short publication sharing
information to a broad audience of people...on material retention in
timber harvest units. Some of you may have heard it called "New
Forestry." Basically, in response to the "clean it up" mentality in the
middle of this century, and the reduction in old growth forest in the
PNW, federal land managers are beginning to leave more material on
timber harvest units. The intention is to leave a "legacy" of the
former carry over and promote more structure and diversity
in the regenerating stands. Green canopy trees are typically
the featured material that is left, but often understory trees,
shrub patches, logs and snags are left as well. Anyway, with that
little bit of background...

Have any of you birded forested landscapes much? What observations
have you made of birds or other wildlife in these units? Have you seen
what you might hypothesize were positive or negative effects of leaving
material in units versus taking everything out? Any other relevant

Thanks for any input. Matt