Subject: RE: quail migration
Date: Sep 28 08:35:26 1994
From: Anna Coles - acoles at

Hello, Mike and fellow Tweeters,
I am replying to everyone because I'm not sure of my response. Yes, I
know there are mountain quail in my vicinity in Kitsap County. A friend
who lives within a couple miles probably also has them on his property.
The problem is that most, if not all, that area *is* private property.
I'm not sure how birders handle a situation where there is a good chance
to see a certain bird but previous permission has not been obtained (you
just found the area, for instance). How do you even find out who owns
the property? The other problem with the dear little mountain quail is
that they pop up according to their schedule, and I never know when we'll
get to see them. Otherwise, I would be happy to make arrangements for
birders who respect others' property to visit my place. I would
appreciate other Tweeters letting us know of their perspectives and
experiences on this topic. Thank you. --Anna.

On Wed, 28 Sep 1994, Michael Seamans wrote:

> Anna,
> I have never seen a mountain quail, and would like to. Can you give me
> some hints about where to see them in your neighborhood (on the Kitsap,
> I assume.)
> Thanks,
> Mike Seamans
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> From: Anna Coles <acoles at>
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> Subject: quail migration
> Date: Monday, September 26, 1994 7:39AM
> On our way out the driveway of our home last evening (just before 6 P.M.)
> my husband, Steven, and I observed the annual fall migration of the local
> mountain quail--on foot, from our property approximately three-tenths of
> a mile to the neighboring property. --Anna Coles, Seattle
> acoles at