Subject: birding at the montlake fill....
Date: Sep 29 14:47:02 1994
From: deborah wisti-peterson - nyneve at

today was "bird day at the fill" for my class. we were out there
for two hours (during lunch hour, no less!) and we saw so many
cool birds out there! here are the highlights;

one peregrine falcon
one western meadowlark
one bohemian waxwing mixed in with a large flock of
cedar waxwings

here are some other cool birds that we saw, although they aren't
that unusual;

four short-billed dowitchers
one western sandpiper
one green heron
red-tailed hawk
gobs of american goldfinches
gobs of robins
several killdeer
male and female ringnecked pheasant
california quail

there were more, but those were the highlights. overall, it was
a really great day of birding!

i guess that i had better go eat some lunch before i pass out!

nyneve at