Subject: bird identification
Date: Apr 3 21:41:35 1995
From: karensw - karensw

To all Tweeters,

Thank you everyone for your suggestions about my mystery bird.

Background: My property in Everett is a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary on
approximately one acre. I am learning birds by observing several feeders
near the house and thumbing through a stack of bird guides. I was convinced
that the bird I posted my question about was neither a white crowned sparrow
nor a mountain chickadee. I asked about the great tit because it is listed
in Peterson's Guide to Western Birds. Based on the replies I have received,
I now feel that it was a foolish suggestion, and I apologize for wasting
anyone's time. I will continue to observe this bird, and I do not feel it is
worth anyone's time to come here to photograph it.

Thank you again for contributing to my education about local birds.