Subject: Early Arrivals revisited
Date: Apr 13 11:04:57 1995
From: Laura Saavedra - lsdb at

Today, 4/13, at Schmitz Park in West Seattle, was a Hammond's Flycatcher
foraging in deciduous canopy. Although the bird did not sing, it was a
petite, small-billed empid, dull olive in color (with slightly tawny wing
bars), and lacking a strong eye ring (ergo, not a Pacific-slope), flitting
its tail, and doing the flycatcher-thing. Is this especially early? Gene
Hunn states in the King County book that late April is more common. Are
other people observing early arrivals? Also present were: female Rufous
Hummer, Hermit Thrush and several Orange-crowned Warblers.

David Buckley----------------------------------------------------------------
lsdb at
West Seattle, USA