Subject: Tanzania tour (long)
Date: Apr 14 14:23:56 1995
From: Dan Victor - dvictor at

From Dan Victor, Seattle, WA <dvictor at>

Hello Tweets,

Well, here's a trip list from our Walking Safari tour of two weeks in
Tanzania. This tour was done for Mountain Travel by a Tanzanian company
called Dorobo Tours, Inc. I sent you an email message from Tanzania
courtesy of Dorobo back in mid March.

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport in Arusha we went immediately to
Momela Lodge just outside Mt. Meru Natl Park. After two nights there we
travelled to Ngorongoro Crater Rim where we camped for two nights. This
began a series of 9 nights camping in the ecosystems adjacent to the
national parks. The last three nights of camping were in a beautiful kopje
of the Serengeti Ecological Area. Then two nights at Nduto Lodge in the
Serengeti Natl Park and one night at Gibbs Farm.

Every place was wonderful. A number of times I expected to hear George
Page's voice as though I were watching Nature on PBS. The Ngorongoro
Crater was unbelievable with it's great variety of wildlife. For me,
camping in the Serengeti Ecologial Area for three nights was the most
exciting. We could hear lions roaring at night as we lay in our tents.
During the days we would walk for up to 5 hours being led by our guide who
was carrying a rifle. There were many game drives in the Land Rovers. One
occured at night where you spotted the animals by looking for their eyes
glowing. One day we were stalking lions. Another night baboons roosted
high in the rock kopje above our tents. On the Seregetti plains we saw
perhaps 200,000 wildebeeste migrating...

This was NOT a birding tour but our tour leader, Mike Peterson, was an
expert birder. He gave this norteamericano a lot of help. Birding in
Tanzania and Kenya was exciting. So many new species and colorful birds
to see. MOST of these species were seen in N. Tanzania with a few
added from a short stay on our own in Kenya.

One of the many highlights was watching a variety of vultures devouring a
wildebeest carcus, a rather gruesome but amazing sight. They looked
like 747s coming in for a landing.

This list is in order of the plates from the Collins Guide to Birds of
East Africa. A few migrants from Collins Birds of Britain & Europe.

Locations codes used:

Tanzania; Me=Mt.Meru National Park, Ng=Ngorongoro Crater,Em=Embaki Crater,
Se=Serengeti Ecological Area, SP=Serengeti Natl Park, Ma=Maloni,
Na=Lake Natron, Ol=Olduvai Gorge, Gi=Gibbs Farm

Kenya; Ni=Nairobi, Nv=Lake Navaisha, Nk=Lake Nakuru, La=Lamu Island

Ostrich Ng,Se,Sp
Squacco Heron Na
Green-backed Heron Se
Cattle Egret Ng,Se,Nv
Hamerkop Ng
Black-headed Heron Ng
Grey Heron Ng
Sacred Ibis Ng,Na,Nv
Glossy Ibis Ng,Nv
Flamingo Na,Nk
Abdim's Stork Ng,Se,Sp,Nv,Nk
Marabou Stork Ng,Se,Sp,Nv,Nk
Saddlebill Stork Me
Openbill Stork Sp
Little Grebe Nv
Cape Teal Em,Nk
Maccoa Duck Em
Red-billed Duck Ng
Yellow-billed Duck Nk
Spurwing Goose Ng
Egyptian Goose Ng,Nv,Nk
White-backed Vulture Ng,Se,Sp
White-headed Vulture Se,Sp
Ruppell's Vulture Ng,Se,Sp
Hooded Vulture Se
Nubian Vulture Ng,Sp
Secretary Bird Se,Nv
Tawny Eagle Ng,Se
African Fish Eagle Nv
Augur Buzzard Me,Ng,Se,Na
Bateleur Se
Long-crested Eagle Ma
Black-shouldered Kite Ng,Se,La
Verreaux's Eagle Se
Wahlberg's Eagle Se
Harrier Hawk Sp
Palid Harrier Sp
Montagu's Harrier Se
Black-chested Harrier Eagle Sp
Pygmy Falcon Se
Pale Chanting Goshawk Na
Peregrine Se
Lesser Kestrel Se
Coqui Francolin Se
Yellow-necked Spurfowl Na
Red-necked Spurfowl Ma
Helmeted Guineafowl Ng Se Sp Nv La
Black-bellied Bustard Ng
Kori Bustard Ng,Na,Sp
Crowned Crane Ng,Se,Nv
Spur-winged Plover Sp
Kittlitz's Plover Sp
Blacksmith Plover Ng,Se,Sp,Nv
Black-winged Stilt Ng,Em
Crowned Plover Ng,Se,Sp,Nt
Long-toed Lapwing Ng
Temminck's Courser Sp
Two-banded Courser Se
Egyptian Plover Na
Chestnet-bellied Sandgrouse Sp
Namaqua Dove Na
Mourning Dove Ng,Se,Sp,Nv,La
Ring-necked Dove Se,Sp,La
Laughing Dove Se
Speckled Pigeon, Se,Nv
Great Spotted Cuckoo Sp
White-browed Cucal Ng
African Hoopoe Se,Nv
Green Wood Hoopoe Se
African Scimitarbill Ng
Abyssinian Scimitarbill Se
Hartlaub's Turaco Me,Se
Bare-faced Go-away-bird Se,Ma,Ni,Nv,La
Brown Parrot Se
Fischer's Lovebird Se, Sp
Roller Ng,Se,Sp
Lilac-breasted Roller Se,Sp,Nv,La
Rufous Crowned Roller Ma
Pied Kingfisher Se
Little Bee-eater Se,Nv
White-fronted Bee-eater Me,Se,Nv,La
Red-billed Hornbill Na,Se
Yellow-billed Hornbill Na
Von Der Decken's Hornbill Se
Grey Hornbill Na
D'Arnaud's Barbet Se
Red and Yellow Barbet Ol
White-headed Barbet Se
Flappet Lark Se
African Pied Wagtail Ni,La
Yellow-throated Longclaw Se
Wire-tailed Swallow Nk
Yellow-vented Bulbul Me,Se,Sp,Ni,Nv,La
Capped Wheatear Se
Stonechat Me,Ng,Se
Chiffchat Se
Olive Thrush Ni
Rock Thrush Se
White-browed Robin Chat Sp,Ni,Nv
Red-backed Scrub Robin Na
Paradise Flycatcher Ng,Se
Silverbird Se
South African Black Flycatcher Se
White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher Se,Nk
Dusky Flycatcher Se
Red-backed Shrike Se
White-crowned Shrike Sp
Taita Fiscal Ng
Fiscal Shrike Me,Ng,Se
Magpie Shrike Se
Mariqua Sunbird Se
Variable Sunbird Me,Em
Golden-winged Sunbird Em
Tacazze Sunbird Gi
Broad-ringed White-eye Me
Yellow-Rumped Seedeater Nv,Nk
Streaky Seedeater Me,Se
Brimstone Canary Nv
Golden-breasted Bunting Se
Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting Se
Red-billed Firefinch Ma,Nk
Red-cheeked Cordon-Bleu Se,Nk
Paradise Whydah Ma
Pin-tailed Whydah Na
Straw-tailed Whydah Ma
Purple Grenadier Sp
Yellow-bellied Waxbill Ng
Grosbeak Weaver Gi
Reichenow's Weaver Me,Se,Gi,Nv
Vitelline Masked Weaver Na
Red Bishop Em,Na,Se
Grey-headed Social Weaver Na
Rufous-tailed Weaver Sp
Red-billed Buffalo Weaver Ng,Na
White-headed Buffalo Weaver Se
Rufous Sparrow Ma
Grey-headed Sparrow Se
Red-collared Widobird Ng
Jackson's Widowbird Ng
White-winged Widowbird Se
Drongo Na
Red-billed Oxpecker Se
Yellow-billed Oxpecker Sp
Hildebrant's Starling Sp
Wattled Starling Sp
Blue-eared Glossy Starling Nk
Redwing Starling Em,Se,Nv,La
Cape Rook Ng,Se
Pied Crow Ni
White-necked Raven Em,Se,Sp


Animals seen:

Cape Buffalo Me,Ng,Se
Baboon Me,Ng,Se,Sp
Bushbaby Se
Bushbuck Me,Se,Sp,Nk
Dik-dik Se
Duiker Me
Eland Em,Se,Sp
Elephant Ng
Grant's Gazelle Ng,Se,Sp,Nk
Thomson's Gazelle Ng,Se,Sp,Nk
Genet Sp
Giraffe Me,Se,Sp,Nk
Hippopotamus Ng
Hartebeest Ng,Se,Sp,Nk
Hyaena Ng,Se,Sp,Nk
Impala Ng,Se,Nk
Golden Jackal
Silver-backed Jackal
Klipspringer Se
Hyrax Em (heard)
Leopard Em (heard)
Lion Ng,Se,Sp
Blue Monkey Me,Se
Colobus Monkey Me,Nv
Black Rhinoceros Ng
White Rhinoceros Nk
Reedbuck Se
Topi Ng,Se,Sp
Wart Hog Ng,Se,Sp,Nv,Nk
Wildebeest Ng,Se,Sp
Zebra Ng,Se,Sp,Nv,Nk