Subject: Re: Status & distribution?
Date: Apr 14 17:01:35 1995
From: Dennis Paulson - dpaulson at

>Someone recently mentioned a site guide, co-authored by Dennis Paulson,
>called (I believe), "A Guide to Bird Finding in Washington."
>Can I get more information on this? (date, availability, and cost)
>Also, what companion book is available for Washington that gives
>status and distribution?
>Greg Gillson <gregg at>

Greg, you can call Terry Wahl, the senior author of the bird-finding guide,
at 360-733-8255 or write him at 3041 Eldridge, Bellingham, WA 98225, to get
a copy. There should be a new edition printed by now, as it's been in the
works for a while. I don't know how much it costs; I haven't bought one.

There really isn't anything up to date on distribution of Washington birds.
The bird-finding guide has some sections that will help, but not details.
Several WA birders are beginning work on a book on WA birds.

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