Subject: GBH Nest, UW campus
Date: Apr 17 11:40:31 1995
From: David Wilbur - dowilbur at

Has anyone else seen the large nest at the SE end of the UW campus? (If
this has been discussed already sorry, I've been out of town) It's
reported to be a GBH nest but in two days of looking I've yet to see an
inhabitant. The nest is located in a flat topped blue spruce in a copse
of trees just to the SE of the Medical Center's EC Wing (near the
emergency entrance). There is a marvelous view point, a lounge on the 8th
floor looking out and down onto the nest from 80-100 yards away.
What interests me is how close this is to human activity. It's the
closest to a road I've ever seen. Of course maybe that's why I havnt seen
an inhabitant, it may have been built and then abandoned. I'll let ya all
know if the I see anybody home.

David Wilbur dowilbur at