Subject: Re: Cats/birds
Date: Apr 19 07:26:10 1995
From: "Roger Peffer" - rpeffer at

Not all people who let their cats run are irresponsible, I just said I had some
neighbors who were irresponsible.
Yes, indoor cats do live longer... no cars, kids with bb guns, dogs, other cats
or racoons. Less exposure to distemper, feline leukemia, rabies and the like.
At least that is what several vets have related to me. My cats are very active
& not fat. It all depends upon their diet. One is over 18 years old!
Now lets not turn this into another discussion like the one of dog poop in
Seattle Parks. Back to birds...

In message <2F94671B at> writes:
I do take exception to the implication that outdoor cats are less
> healthy or their owners are necessarily irresponsible. Our cats are kept in
> good health, and I believe they are healthier because they spend time
> outside *exercising*, eating grass (which helps with digestion), etc.

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