Subject: Re: shorebirds late?
Date: Apr 21 14:20:09 1995
From: Dennis Paulson - dpaulson at

>Neil Fergusson's post earlier this week indicated a paucity of shorebirds
>at Grays Harbor, and he suggested that the shorebird bolus might be a
>week or so late this year. Any shorebird gurus out there care to comment
>on this; is it likely that they will be here by next weekend (any news of
>them from farther south)?
>David Wright
>dwright at

No news from either shorebirds or shorebird spotters, sorry. I can only
add that in some years there are tens of thousands of shorebirds in the
Grays Harbor area by mid April. The situation is rather surprising,
coupled with the fair amount of good weather that we've been having and the
apparent flood of relatively early passerine migrants.

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