Subject: C-word / fleas / D-word
Date: Apr 26 10:36:28 1995
From: Alan Richards - alanr at


Tweets -- (esp. Karen & Teresa)

I have been gone for a couple of weeks,
so missed some of the chat about this
ever-present subject. I don't want to start any
more of it, but would loke to get my 2-cents in

I really know what you mean about fleas,
as we have two cats and a dog.

We have found that vacuum cleaning
every day is a very effective way
to get rid of lots of fleas in the
non-adult stage. Only 1% (1 per 100)
of a flea population is in adult form,
during the average time frame. The flea
comb (we have these too) only works on
the adult portion. About 34% are eggs,
57% are larvae, and 8% is something else that
I forget.

Lately, we have also used baking soda on
the carpets -- put down for a couple days,
then vac or sweep up the excess. This really works!
Another thing I have heard of as being
very good is boraxo and some inert ingrtedients
to spread it out. Similar treatment method
to baking soda -- takes about 2 months to
work (even tho you only leave it on carpet for
a day or two) completely -- dehydrates fleas.
It has worked for us -- the baking soda -- and
is not toxic.

Also, putting bells on the necks of the (insert
C-word here) s (as many as 3 per cat) has really
put a stop to bird-getting by our cats -- also
chicken wire in a few areas but the bells are really the
key -- the ones with actual clappers, not the
round "jingle bell" type, seem to work the best.

Alan Richards / Naselle WA