Subject: Re: Goshawk migrating?
Date: May 01 00:43:16 1995
From: Jack Bowling - Jack_Bowling at

>>This particular year was an invasion year for goshawks, and we saw about
>>5x our average number.

>> -Don Baccus-

> Don,

> I'm studying northern goshawks in northeastern Nevada....what signs,
>besides seeing more NG this year, indicate it is an invasion year? Do you
>think the weather conditions this spring may have forced more NG over the
>mountains in the Goshutes or are there indications at other count stations
>across the U.S. that more NG were counted this year?

>Mike Shipman grrshipm at
>Raptor Research Center
>Boise State University

Why go anywhere when you have a lot to eat? Snowshoe hare numbers in
central BC crashed last fall...and probably elsewhere across the boreal
forests. This was likely the main impetus behind the irruption of NOGO.
More goshawks than normal reported across southern BC this past winter.


Jack Bowling
Prince George, BC
jack_bowling at