Subject: house finches
Date: May 1 08:27:42 1995
From: Susan Collicott - susan at

Good Monday Morning!

Yesterday I woke up to a house finch defending the window feeder from all
sparrows - such noisy little things! As I lay there (avoiding getting up to
reboot the computer system at work), I noticed that the finch would reach up,
and drink the water drops that had condensed on the inside of the feeder's
roof. Over about a half hour, he gathered all the drops. It was interesting
to finally distinctly hear his song versus other twitterings in my backyard.
(Perhaps I need to set up a birdbath...but too many cats around for that, I

Also, while up in Alaska I found a lovely book of avian poetry. _Flights of
Fancy, Alaska Birds in Verse_, Edited by Jan O'Meara, illustrations by
George C. West. ISBN # 0-9621543-4-2 ($7.95) I highly recommend this book.
Nice poetry, and some of the visions it creates are exactly as I've thought
(but been unable to put into words!).

I don't think the author would mind me posting a sample - after all, I'm
promoting the book!

Fox Sparrow --
Demon dancer of the bush,
Frantic footwork
Raising such a din
Among the fallen leaves,
You'd think a beast
Ten times the size
Was moving
through the brush

--Jan O'Meara