Subject: Re: Bowermand Basin Boondoggle
Date: May 1 10:50:04 1995
From: Stuart MacKay - stuart.mackay at

Don "Fiscal" Baccus wrote:

> It's possible it is a boondoggle, indeed. But I get tired of
> people ranting and raving about costs when they have
> absolutely no data which indicates they're out of line.
> Get your data, and if you want to have a discussion about the
> reasonableness of the estimate, let's talk then.

I agree with Don, sitting down and considering all the associated costs
almost makes the timber look cheap.

Part of the problem I think is the initial impression created - "One million
dollars" is a nice round figure and easy to ask for.

Do Grays Harbor Audubon have a costed plan for the project ? If so great. The
danger with asking for money is, especially when business/government is
involved unless the plan is totally watertight and costed down to the last
cent, it will be incredibly easy to dismiss as etherial, or something much
worse :-) and receive little credibility.

If Gray Harbor Audubon could say to government agencies/ local businesses
that they could raise $500,000 for a project that will create 20 temporary (1
year or 2) and 5-10 permament jobs in the area. Then more money is likely to
flow from "official" sources.

Until a concrete plan is avialable there is a danger, already demonstrated,
that the idea is dead in the water before it even gets started.

Stuart "Spend, Spend, Spend" MacKay