Subject: short web page on the recent ESA hearings in Vancouver
Date: May 1 12:45:46 1995
From: Don Baccus - donb at Rational.COM

photos with a few snide remarks by me. only printed a dozen or
so phoots, and the friend who scanned them trashed a couple of
the resulting files, so it's fairly short.

But does give an example of how folks can use the Web to put
their own "spin" on an event, provide photo coverage, etc.

Shooting photos and putting together a page was a last-minute
decision to do so, next time something like this comes up I'll
try and get a little more organized.

But, I'd be interested in hearing from those of you with web
capability. Like the idea? Find it useful? Suggestions (beyond
fixing the two missing photos, providing a little organization,
and more comprehensive coverage!) ?

I did this with a still camera, B&W. My local lab was backed
up Monday, so didn't get contacts 'til Wednesday (I was too
busy to do this myself), printed Wednesday night, scanned 'em
thursday, did the text Friday AM before leaving for the Klamath
Basin. A friend downloaded the stuff to his teleport account,
which is where you can find it:

Later I realized that if I'd borrowed his video gear, we could've
used his frame-grabber than afternoon and had our own "spin" on
the hearing up and available world-wide before the evening news. I
think this has interesting possibilities, how about you?

I realize this has nothing to do with birds, but I know many of
you are interested in the whole ESA issue and figured you'd be
a good source of feedback.

If our $1M boardwalk gets built, I'll be sure to post photos to
the Web so we can all virtually critque it :)

-Don Baccus-