Subject: Re: Bowermand Basin Boondoggle
Date: May 01 15:11:28 1995
From: Herb Curl - h.curl at

Right on, Burt Guttman on your second post. My recollection is that one of
the justifications for protecting Bowerman Basin was that it would have
educational value. People would come to see the birds & learn something
from outdoor exhibits & posters. A boardwalk with a "sidewalk
superintendent" wall was proposed to keep people from walking into the
habitat & stressing the birds (or messing up the marsh). It's not a bad
idea and it brings up the long-running controversy over preservation vs
recreation as typified by our National parks. We want to preserve the
habitat because of its ecological value, but most birding, at whatever
level, is recreational. Obviously we want public support for this and
other conservation measures so the public is invited; the media announce
the arrival of the birds, TV stations interview birders etc. If we
advertise it they will come. But will they remember to bring their rubber
boots and to not wade into the birds? I think a boardwalk combines
education, spectacle and preservation. The only question is cost, IMHO. A
million is a *very* round number. Perhaps Grays Harbor Audubon could
provide a cost breakout and we locals could provide some in-kind services.

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