Subject: San Juan Island - 4/30/95
Date: May 1 20:56:57 1995
From: Jacquelyn Owens - jeo2 at


Just wanted to post a few quick notes on this weekend. I was on San Juan
Island for purposes other than birding, but managed to take a "wildlife"
viewing cruise on Sunday. The day was overcast, and cold, especially on
the water. I saw about 10 Pigeon Guillemots, 15 Surf Scoters, 2 Great
Blue Herons, 6 adult Bald Eagles and 1 immature, 2 Black Oystercatchers
and 2 Rhinoceros Auklets. One of the Balds was lunching on a gull (lots
of feathers, but too difficult to ID). Mammals seen were harbor seals,
river otter, Dall's porpoise and Stellar's sea lion (apparently the
Stellar's is unusual, but several have been in the area the last week or
so, according to the naturalist on board).

Seattle WA