Subject: Bowerman Basin
Date: May 01 23:56:08 1995

Well, I just want to log my position on this thread. I was at Bowerman
on Saturday, but left "early" when the head-count of humans hit 100.

The million dollar figure IMHO is a gross UNDERestimate to achieve what
is being talked about. Remember, no one is getting off the ground without
and EIS, and then it hasto show compliance with the Washington State Shoreline
laws. Once you've spent the million on these things, you can throw up a
50K wood project in no time at all.

That million, though, isn't going to come from Slade or any other gov
agency. That's personal money from those of you in favor of doing this,
the ticket fee for entering the halls to argue for yet more.

Let's back up a bit: Is this really a good idea? Should we be considering
ideas for making it easier for people to access previously safe environs
for waterfowl? Won't a boradwalk, parking lots, a visitor center,
volunteers, tour groups, etc disrupt the birds? If this idea was
for an oil pipeline, or a sewage outflow pipe, I bet the talk would
have a different tone.

I propose the Bowerman thing be shut down forever; leave it for the
birds, stop the advertising, halt the tour buses, let the parking
area go back to the weeds it wants to be.

Grays Harbor people have a lot to offer, but they will have to
think long and hard how to offer it. They have to consider the
trade-off of damage to existing resources vs their need to make
a living. Let's help them out whenever we can, but let's not
jump on whatever ill-thought idea first presents itself.

A million dollars? You can't do it for that....

Martin Cassidy
cassidym at
Seattle, WA USA