Subject: 1st PEREGRINE CHICK arrives!
Date: May 2 07:13:57 1995
From: Ellen Blackstone - vaccine at

Observers of the WAMU tower Peregrines were delighted to watch as Bell(e)
stood up early this morning and gave them the chance to see..... not
three reddish eggs as usual, but two reddish eggs and one white fuzzy
eyass! Yippee! Review of the tapes showed that the egg hatched about
2:30AM. Now the fun begins!

The other two eggs should hatch within the next 48 hours, but since
these Peregrines seem to keep their own schedule, we'll just have to wait
and see.

Join the crowd at the WAMU Tower monitor today if you can. Tomorrow at
noon, there will be a member of the Falcon Research Group talking about
the family.(A pitch: you can also buy a very tasteful Seattle Peregrine
Project t-shirt, and help the cause!)

Here we go again! Cheers--EB

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