Subject: Bowerman Boardwalk
Date: May 2 08:57:56 1995
From: Charles Easterberg - easterbg at

I heartily agree with Stuart. A boardwalk would do several things: give
birders easy, controlled access to birds; contain people and prevent
habitat damage; provide for some environmental dollars to help restore
some modicum of environmentally-caused (as opposed to timber-caused)
prosperity to the area; offer an educational/recreational opportunity to
the local people, most of whom are probably not sympathetic to either the
birds or us at present, and long-term, maybe help heal the deep rift between
environmentalists and people who make their living in the woods and
outdoors. As the principle goes, when we understand something, it's
harder to abuse it.

I think a good, well-built, first-class boardwalk is a no-lose
proposition for everybody, birds included. After all, it would simply
reflect the fact that Bowerman is a first-class birding site, and it
(and we) need that premise stated very solidly.

Charles Easterberg
University of Washington
easterbg at