Subject: Re: Bowerman Boardwalk
Date: May 2 09:42:49 1995
From: Russell Rogers - rrogers

>From Russell Rogers, Seattle WA, rrogers at

One thing that the boardwalk would do is make it clear where you are
allowed to walk. If someone is not on the boardwalk, they are in the
wrong place. As it is now, you can roam all over the place, even though
there are boundaries established there now, people will still walk right
past them.

Boardwalks do make for great birding. Some of my favorite birding spots
in the country are boardwalks, the Everglades and the Corkscrew Swamp in
Florida, and the Four-holes Swamp and Huntington Beach State Park in
South Carolina are great birding areas and I think that the boardwalks
add to the conservation of those areas, while making the areas accessible
to birders like me.

With all that said, I would still be a critic until I saw the plans for
such a thing at Bowerman.