Subject: Re: Shorebird Behaviour
Date: May 2 10:48:45 1995
From: Stuart MacKay - stuart.mackay at

Peter Rauch wrote:

> If dunlins are thermoregulating (and in particular,
> heat-conserving, as was suggested), then why isn't such an
> obvious mechanism used by lots of other shoreside wet-footers
> (or is it, and if so, why has it become such a focus of
> tweeter discussion with respect to dunlins)?

I've seen Redshank, Curlew and Oystercatcher do it back in Scotland. In
summer and winter time.

Theunis Piersma's work on Red Knot revealed that their legs make fantastic
radiators and help the bird considerably when dealing with tropical and
sub-tropical conditions. Looks like legs are pretty useful things ;-)

Stuart MacKay